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I'm Yael, a yoga teacher since 2018. Practicing yoga since 2013. 
A graduate of the Luna Alignment Yoga teacher course in Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand, a graduate and certified teacher of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance .
Dancer, independent choreographer and osteopathy student.

Yoga with Yael

Alignment Yoga - yoga classes in Jerusalem

I believe that yoga is for everyone.
Yoga is a wonderful tool to become conscious of the body, feel it and observe it. An opportunity to put all other things aside and dedicate time to ourselves, relieve stress and pain, move, breathe and connect to our body.
  Yoga is for everyone, but since everyone is different, every body is a little different, it is important for me to find a way to make it accessible to every student who comes to my classes.

My ambition is to teach how to work with the body in a conscious and controlled way, to give tools for a beneficial practice, suitable to the state of my body today. I create a window of time in which we are listening and observing our body, mind and breath. 
I invite you to a unique inner journey trough Yoga!

השיעורים שלי

About Yoga with Yael

Alignment yoga is a method that draws inspiration from Iyengar yoga and yoga therapy. I combine within the method the extensive knowledge and experience I have gained from the field of dance and osteopathy. 

My emphasis is around holding postures and acquiring a deep understanding of anatomically beneficial body postures.

I encourage my students to observe the changes that occur in their bodies, breath and consciousness during the practice. 

I like using props in my classes since they expand the physical possibilities, make it possible to stay in a pose, deepen it and get the most out of it.

Student Recommentations

Yael is an excellent teacher! Both professional and very aware and connected to her students. Clearly conveys how to practice and at the same time makes sure to adapt the poses to the abilities and level of each student.
An amazing woman to learn yoga from, whether you are a beginner or experienced, especially if you are looking to refine your poses.

Idan Hochner

תלמידים ממליצים


Yoga brought depth, challenge, interest, comfort and peace to my life. I would be very happy to share this  with you!
Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns - I will be happy to answer

.Thanks! What a pleasure to hear from you

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