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Yoga and Feldenkrais retreat

A weekend retreat, in the beautiful Khan of Kfar Navon. 

What's in plan?

Practicing yoga in the spirit of Iyengar under my guidance, movement using the Feldenkrais method under the guidance of Shai Komarov, meditation and a some simple contact work. 


Accommodation is in a shared space on mattresses (there is an option to stay in a private room at an additional cost).

A little about Feldenkrais:

Moshe Feldenkrais was a scientist and his classes are structured like a series of experiments - learning happens not from the teacher telling exactly how to do, but from personal experience. In practice, during the class, you experiment with a series of relatively simple movements, which are usually performed while lying on your back. The goal is to look for the most convenient and easiest way to perform each movement, assuming that this inner feeling is an indication that the body is well organized. The idea is that if we try less, we can do more! It is very typical to discover at the end of the lesson that what was difficult at the beginning has become easy.


750 NIS 

650 NIS for early registration (until 8/16)


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